After examining my past year, realizing that I have accomplished a lot, at the same time the coding journey has just begun! Now it is time to look forward to 2021, and what it will bring me? The first and most important goal for me in 2021 is to get a job in the tech industry and become the next generation Software Engineer! But how will I achieve this goal? What do I need to do to get there? There are a few mini-goals that I want to achieve to get there!

The first mini-goal will be to learn and practice algorithm and data structure. It is very important part of the process to understand and apply algorithms to solve problems during technical interviews, therefore learning and practicing algorithms and data structure is an inevitable process that most software engineers go through. In my previous article, I have mentioned some resources to help us Ace the technical interview, and I think I will definitely use those resources to achieve this mini-goal that I set for myself.

The second mini-goal will be to do a group project with fellow software engineers. Whether it is a open source project, or Hackathon event, or start-up companies, I want to make the best use of my coding time, not only to learn how to code, but also communicate and learn from other software engineers who are more experienced / more knowledgeable than me! As part of the learning journey, I cannot always depend on myself to understand everything out there, whether it is googling some errors / bugs that I encountered, asking fellow programmers for problem solving, or experienced software engineers for career / technical advices, it will be much better than me sitting there for hours trying to figure out what went wrong and what is the next solution that I can try to implement!

The third mini-goal will be to learn a new programming language that I have never used before! I am currently learning React Native, which is helping me understand how to do mobile software development! It is cool and all, but like I said before, it is just the beginning. We can never stop learning, the moment we stop learning, is the moment that we will be outdated and replaced in the tech industry! Therefore, I want to not only deepen my knowledge with the JavaScript React world, but I also want to widen my knowledge into another programming language such as Java! In my previous article, I have mentioned that Java is still the number one back-end programming language that a lot of enterprises use in their proprietary software development. Therefore, learning Java will make me more competitive and help me understand the enterprises’ perspective on software development and maintenance!

In conclusion, we should be goal-oriented, but remember to enjoy the process as well. After all, it is the journey rather than destination that matters! Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

Striving and achieving to become the best version of myself.